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Photographer's Block

Wonder if there is something like a photographer’s block just like the writer’s block? Well been a while, could not get time to go out on field as had been busy troubleshooting projects at work. Also, I actually conveniently chose not to take time out for photography under the pretext of work . In reality, I was actually avoiding to go out on field all this while. There comes a phase when you start seeing your own work with a critical lens, you want to think out of the box. But you are stuck with the usual routine and things tend to seem mediocre, as the routine tends to get boring. And you just don’t want to pursue the same thing as it doesn’t excite you.

I think such time is critical to introspect your work, the thought process you are used to work with , the body of work you are used to produce. It is such time that nudges you to think differently, change your perspective and rediscover what kind of work you want to produce. Today a lot of exceptional work is being churned out by photography enthusiasts and it’s important to find your niché, find your place and evolve your work around it. But as I said routine gets boring and hence one must keep re-inventing and adopt to new practices, new styles and new techniques and most importantly keep learning.

It is indeed a good idea to sometimes just take a break and do something else. Just hike to your favourite place without your camera gear, spend time in nature without worrying about the field conditions of harsh light or hazy sky observe the birds chirp and just live the moment. Aquire a new hobby, learn a new skill, paint, write or just spend more time with your family.

Though, I took a break from field outings I never left the craft. I got myself lots of books on photography and spent time reading. In fact it was one such book that inspired me to attempt my hands on Pin hole photography & I ended up making my own pin hole camera. You can read about it here . Another book was crusade for your art by Jennifer Schwartz that helped me gain better understanding on how to approach photography as an art form. Also, spent time seeing & Absorbing works of other established photographers, working in various genres be it wildlife or contemporary fine art. It helped me gain a fresh outlook on how to approach subjects and to tell visual story in a compelling manner. And yes, I started painting, I just love painting but more on that later.

So, have I found my place? not yet, as I have realised that it’s not about the destination but about exploring the paths and making moments on the go and relishing the journey.


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